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Have more control over your Directory Listing

17 November 2011

Directory Listing

You now have even more control over your profile. Choose whether-or-not you wish your profile to be "listed" in the Production Wizard Directory. If you are looking for work, then we strongly recommend that you remain listed (likewise if you are a Pro or Front-of-Queue member).

To choose whether-or-not you wish to be listed, go to you My Profile page and Edit My Profile. On the right-hand-side you will see the Directory Listing utility with a What's this? link for more information. From here you can select to be "listed" or "unlisted".

If you are unable to view this then it is likely to be because your profile does not match the minimum information requirements, and you'll need to select a service, working location, and add at least three professional credits to your profile. Once completed you'll be able to select your status within the Production Wizard Directory.