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Production Wizard appoint new CEO

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24 April 2012

Max Moore

Production Wizard have appointed Max Moore as CEO. Moore joins from AdJug, where he was part of the founding management team, successfully pioneering the ad-exchange business model and delivering billions of ads for hundreds of blue-chip advertisers.

Moore has over 12 years business start-up experience covering Mobile, Video, Web Search and most recently Display. He plans to build on the successful launch phase of Production Wizard, expanding the business model and evolving the product positioning to supply custom Mobile Apps to Production businesses to aid in the management, communication and workflow of a ‘Production’.

"We are defining 'Production' as a group of people coming together to do something, doing that thing and dispersing thereafter. Through this definition we are including TV, Film & Events (both Music & Sports) businesses as potential partners" said Moore.

The vision and new strategy will see Production Wizard create a Mobile platform for the production industry that will incorporate smoothly into the working life of its creatives; making connectivity and work-flow widely accessible and above all, simple.

Moore concludes, "We will be building our offering to help Production & Event companies, and their crews, conduct their jobs easier through custom Mobile Apps. This exciting investment in Mobile Production Tools will revolutionise the way ‘productions’ are approached, managed and accomplished."

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