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Universal Film and Festival Organisation adopt Production Wizard

30 March 2012


The Universal Film & Festival Organization was founded to support and implement a good business code of practice for film festivals throughout the world.

UFFO is a global volunatary organization and is not-for-profit. It was created to bring together the highest quality of Film Festivals and the filmmaking community by encouraging film festivals to become sound in principles and business practice. To date we have been very successful in this endeavour.

UFFO is also an open international organization and membership is open to all creative individuals, filmmakers and film festivals. Anyone can join UFFO, and to become a member you simply go to the Join UFFO tab at the top of this page and agree to the forum terms and conditions.

A Production Wizard Company Account will help take the strain, channelling industry hopefuls into a pending supplier list (where they can be assessed for the company network), saving them time every day. It also allows companies to archive projects and individuals, making it easier to track who you hired, what they worked on, and how much they were paid.

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